The Digimarc Platform

The Digimarc Platform enables auto-identification of common objects, such as product packaging, labels, audio and even plastic containers by using Digimarc Barcode and Digimarc Discover software. The three core functions of the Platform are identification, discovery and verification, supporting a host of applications and use cases.


Digimarc Platform provides reliable, efficient identification that powers an ecosystem of applications.

Content Security

Copyright & Authentication

Media & Entertainment

Interactivity & Metadata


Store Operations

Consumer Brands

Product Information



Software and Services


Digimarc Barcodes are imperceptible codes for:


Digimarc Discover software for automatic identification:

Quality Management System

Digimarc Barcode Specifications

(Signal Specs and Application Guidelines)

Digimarc Verify Tools

(Workflow Integration, Desktop and Mobile)

Center of Digimarc Education (CODE)

(Training, Workshops, Online Education and Resources)